Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monty Python Day

Apparently, today, May 10, is International Monty Python Day.

Not to brag anything, but my parents' good taste included Monty Python, so I was familiar with those dudes at a young and impressionable age.  John Cleese has always been my fave.  He looks so proper, but is just so silly.
I like to say that I won my man over by quoting Monty Python on the first date.

We were at an adorbs tourist trap restaurant in the North End, Memorial Day 2007 (egads, has it really been 5 years?)  Witty banter went back and forth, and at one point I quoted, "I'm not dead yet!"

B laughed, then said, "Wait... you know that's Monty Python, right?"

"Obviously I do.  Why else would I have quoted it?"

B responded, "Well, a lot of girls don't know Monty Python."

My retort: Well, this one does!

And see folks?  We're getting married in less than 4 months!  (One day less, to be precise.)  So single ladies, be sure to quote Monty Python on the first date.  It works!

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