Sunday, August 28, 2011


Irene: NBD
Well, at least not in our neighborhood.  I did see the pictures of downed trees and floods in the surrounding areas, but we were fortunately unharmed.  Even managed to have an ironic Irene photo shoot on our venture for caffeine this morning (because I am miserable ball of headache without it.)  The poor folks at Dunkin Donuts, CVS and Whole Foods had to make it to work without the assistance of public transportation.
But I digress.
You know what else is NBD?  Students.  Yes, they are back, with a vengance, and you can pick the newbs out from a mile away:
- Carrying a single key and ID holder with BU/Northeastern/Harvard colors on a fresh new school lanyard
- Carrying an 8/5 x 11 brand new orientation folder
- Trying to pay for the bus with a $20 bill and expecting change
- U-hauls lining the streets (not just students, but we must all adhere to their schedules when renting new apartments)
- Girls traveling in packs of 8+ on their way to a party.  Here's a hint ladies, you won't get in with your entire floor in tow.
- The panic mass exodus 5 seconds before the T doors close when the aforementioned group realizes almost too late they need to exit the T
- Sept 1: People driving furniture in pickup trucks.  Not moving, mind you.  Finding items thrown out and re-using them.  Not a bad idea, until they "accidentally" (on purpose?) steal a chair outside your new building
- Young 20somethings doing their entire food grocery shopping trip at CVS, right in front of you and your shampoo and conditioner.  Really dude?  You eat that much ramen and still maintain the 6 pack showing through your Ed Hardy tee?
- At least one U-haul becoming stuck under a too-low underpass on Storrow Drive
Glad everyone managed to stay safe.  Don't forget to re-batten your hatches on Sept. 1!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ok, far be it from me to judge the nuptials of others.  I'd totes go deaf to defend my gay friends' right to be wed.

But these two wedding themes take the cake in the "Most Politically Incorrect" category.

1. Depression-Era Hobo Wedding!
I get it.  You love the vintage feel of the 1930s.  You love the 'pull yourself up by the bootstraps and have a good time' ideals of those years gone by.  And in the current economic era, it does stand to reason that we all watch our spending a bit.
That being said, I think its a little insensitive to our grandparents and great-grandparents who actually lived through the Depression, and knew people who had to beg from door to door in order to feed families, who told stories of friends of friends who served wanderers ketchup and hot water for free and turned their back while the wanderer made tomato soup.

My co-worker asked me to please not  have this as my wedding reception theme.  That I can do.  After reacting, I said something like, "I think the only way to be less PC is to have a slavery-themed wedding."

Wish granted, apparently.

2. "Colonial-themed wedding" aka WHAT were they thinking?

Again, the fashion of the era looked beautiful.  I think the level of detail this bride and groom sought, with colonial-themed photo ops, travel trunks, and binoculars was awesome.

Then you take a look at the staff.  And the guests.  Every single guest was white.  Every single staff member was African.  And this was done completely on purpose.  And the wedding was in (wait for it folks) South Africa!  A nation with a rich history of racism and discrimination.  I'm still reeling from this one.
The original blog post was taken down (presumably because the bride and groom received an overwhelming number of negative comments.)

Again, I would not begrudge a bride her dream wedding, but when you involve a parody of poverty or racism, things start to get dicey.  Just sayin.