Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Flings

One of my favorite things about spring is the simple brightening up of the world.  It is lighter, and lighter for longer.  People open up their coats and show themselves off to the world (and of course there is Boston Skirt Day, which I participate in yet roll my eyes when men 'enjoy' it overtly.)  I have quite a few favorite things for spring at the moment, fashion wise AND other-wise.
1. Tom's Ballet Flats
I posted about Tom's impending ballet flats here and then received them as my birthday pressie (thanks, B!)  They're wonderful.  I did have to return my normal size 8s and get 7s.  I could have gone to 7.5, but everything I heard about Tom's told me to order them a size smaller because they'll stretch.  The size 8s were so large that I thought 7s would be perfect, and after a little more than a week of breaking them in, they totes are!
To remind y'all, here's a nice pic:
Hello, friends.
I have the dusty pink color... not great for city walking, they're already a little dirty, so later I'll google "Keeping Toms clean" and hopefully will find something of value.

2. New tote!
I'm linking to this tote as well, so y'all can buy it right away.  Seriously, don't wait.  A mere $12 for a ginormous, super cute tote.  I can carry EVERYTHING I need for the gym and work, and then some.
"That store I'm too old to shop at" (Forever 21) had loads of colors.  At first I was hesitant that the bottom was pleather rather than canvas, but now that I think about it, I can put it on the floor of the T, or on the pavement, and not worry about it getting it dirty... wipes right off!  Bonus!

3. Essie nail polish
I'm not great at polishing my fingernails, and whenever I take it off my nails feel  unhealthy for weeks.  However, toe polish is fair game.  I recently discovered Essie and can't get enough of this coral color
 Now to find some new sandals... all of mine are 100% worn out (yes, I walk through shoes.)

4. Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Mint anything
We had the battle of the soap in our ladies room at work a few weeks ago - the management company switched soaps, which really just seemed like they were instructing the cleaners to water it down.  Not so, said the cleaners.  Added to that, they don't fill the soaps every night (or every few nights) and sometimes there will be soap in one of three dispensers.

So some wonderful soul brought in hand soap.  Then another wonderful soul did the same.  Until finally, a SUPER wonderful soul brought in Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Mint hand soap.
Readers, it was gone in two weeks... because that's all we ladies want to use.  It smells so fresh and clean on your hands, and is a perfectly compliment to my Trader Joe's lavender hand lotion I keep at my desk.

 Use it.  Love it.