Friday, October 28, 2011

I Heart Mindy Kaling

I've always been a fan of NBC's Thursday night lineup (from the Seinfeld and Friends days onward).  That includes The Office.  I loved the silly, ditzy character Kelly Kapoor, but it wasn't until the past few years that I noticed her actoral name, Mindy Kaling, on the writing credits.  Apparently looks and characters can be deceiving, because Mindy is quite the smart cookie.  She's a local girl too!  Score three for local comedy writers on The Office (Jon Krazinski and BJ Novack are from Newton.)

I'm still struggling to find good comedies about a woman that aren't the normal, stereotypical type.  I loved Sex and the City, because it really threw out there all of women's personal issues (sex with many partners, STDs, cancer) for anyone to talk about.  It made women sharing experiences normal.
I just love how normal and down to earth Mindy seems.  I feel like I could meet her at a party and chill for hours.

Anyway, she gave a tour of her closet for Daily Candy, an email that sends fashion-food-makeup type details to the masses of adult women who need a few second break from their jobs and daily tasks.  I don't often read them all the way through, but I was hooked when her name was in the subject.
First off, the girl wore an H&M dress for the cover of her upcoming book.  How down to earth can you get?  It was bright pink and super girlie, but really Mindy?  H&M?  You are my hero.  I'm sure you make a good chunk of change between writing and acting, and you wear something I could afford for the cover of your new book.  That's why I heart you.

I seriously wish the video was longer.  I want to see everything she owns.  We got to see the book cover dress, what she wore to the Emmys (bright pink again, obvi), and a few pairs of shoes.  She loves sparkle.  Yet another reason we could be friends.
So Minds, the next time you're in Cambridge, look me up.  We'll have a FAB time I'm sure!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


In my mind, nothing is better than a good to-do list with things slowly being crossed off.  This is basically how I survive at work and get everything done.

I love physically writing and hope typing never takes over handwriting in the note-taking world, but I have my doubts.
My work to-do lists have a title up top (i.e. 10/4/11 To Do) with an arrow pointing right, indicating to me that its ok if everything isn't completed by the end of the day.  I make a box around the title.

I use either numbers or bulletpoints for my list, and write everything I need to do in blue or black ink (something categorically by project).
When I finish, I cross out.  But I don't just draw a straight line.  What fun is that?

I use a red ball-point pen and squiggle out something that has been completed.
If I am waiting for feedback on something and am halfway done, I make a note to myself in the red ballpoint pen.

Am I a huge nerd because of this?  Likely.  Do I write things on my to-do list just so I can turn around and cross them out?  Maybe.
But that's how I roll, and how I get things done.  So there.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion wish list

I saw with mild amusement the madness that was Target's recent Missoni debacle.  I mean, the stuff was cute, but so much hubub over a loud colorful Italian zig-zag striped collection?  For realsies?  Show me some Lily Pullitzer or Jigsaw for Target (still lusting after Kate Middleton... er... the Duchess of Cambridge's engagement announcement blue dress.)
Then today comes the announcement about Jason Wu's Target collection, out in February.  All I knew of Mr. Wu was a certain dress he made for a certain fashion icon:


Regardless of your politics, you have to admit she looks fabulous.  (Heck, this bleeding heart liberal thinks Nancy Reagan is an adorbs lady and hopes to be half that cute when I reach her age).

After some research on Google Images, I realized how big a deal this will be for my wardrobe.  With pieces priced between $19.99 ad $59.99 I must find something I cannot live without.

These items are so wonderfully... normal.  This isn't high fashion that would look ridiculous on anyone other than a model strutting down her runway.  These are tops, skirts and dresses made for the regular woman who just wants to look nice.

Mr. Wu and/or Target... you should pick a committee of regular gals to help select the pieces for this upcoming collection.

February 5.  Four months away.  Yes, friends, it is already on my Google Calendar.  Who wants to take a trip to the South Bay Center Target on what I am sure will be a bitter cold day for some hot fashion?