Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello, friends.

I know, I have been absent for a few weeks... 3 straight of 10+ hour workdays, and working weekends doesn't exactly make a girl want to sit down and blog.  (In fact, it makes a girl want to flop down in front of the TV and do absolutely nothing.)

Speaking of television, the Emmy nominations came out today.  I'm a sucker for the award shows and the Emmys are no exception.  I sometimes wish that I was invited to fancy pants award ceremonies, or at least that my office had its own version of the Dundees.
While I think that most of the shows nominated are exceptional (mostly because I enjoy many of them), there were a few notable absences that I cannot help but talk about.

1. Walking Dead

A TV show about a zombie epidemic, Clare?  Really?  You ask.

Yes.  A TV show about a zombie epidemic.

You see friends, B is a zombie-holic.  I'm telling you, if the world were to ever actually have a zombie epidemic, B and I would be in prime condition to survive... or at least, B would be, and he would clearly protect me from the zombies.

Walking Dead isn't just about Zombies.  Its about love, marriage, cheating, drama, family... you name it.  Most of all, its about survival and fighting against all odds.  Its the perfect show for a male/female couple to agree on, because it has drama for the ladies and zombies for the men.  The acting is exceptional, most notably Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes (ladies, you will remember Andrew as the uber-cute man secretly in love with his BFF's new wife in Love Actually.  Seriously, what's not to like?)

Walking Dead received a Golden Globe nomination, which made me hope it would get the same in the Emmy race.  Too bad, but hopefully it got enough of a cult following after last season that we will keep getting renewals from AMC.
2. Community

This lovable gang of misfits literally keeps me in stitches during each episode of Community.  It opens NBC's Thursday night lineup and does a fantastic job.  I often try to avoid making plans on Thursday nights because I am that obsessed with the lineup.  Other shows I can watch the DVR'ed episodes after the fact, but Community, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock are a must watch as they appear on TV.

I absolutely adore Joel McHale.  His dry sarcasm is perfection in every way imaginable.  Add him to Danny Pudi as Abed and alone they would be a wonderful duo, but add the rest of the cast and you have comedic gold.  Why Community had zero nominations is beyond me.  Modern Family received several nominations for supporting actors... Why not Community?
3. Breaking Bad
I was rather upset with this until someone on an EW board pointed out that there was no season of this show within the Emmy nomination timeline for 2011... so I'm letting it slide for now.
I literally JUST started watching Breaking Bad in anticipation of its newest season (B DVR'ed the older episodes) and as I told him, its almost as addictive as the crystal meth Walter cooks on a weekly basis.

4. The Housewives Franchises
 I'm only half kidding.
I will still watch the Emmy Awards.  I will still glue myself to the TV for Red Carpet and onwards.  But I will begrudge the judges the overlooked series.