Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wish List

Dear Santa, I've been awfully good this year.  I eat up all my veggies, I'm kind to animals (and my fiance!)  I'm always respectful in my work-related emails, even to disgruntled people.  And I work two jobs, so you know I'm responsible.  So here is (part of) my list...

The aptly named Audrey dress by Boden.  On sale at a whopping $188, but I'm sure your elves could make a knockoff for less.
I've waxed poetic about my love of Miss Kaling in a previous entry, but I'd love to get my lil' hands on this book.

Alex & Ani are some fab jewelry designers.  I'm still on a Zinnia/Forever 21/H&M jewelry budget, unless there's something special (and even then, I use my discount at Zinnia).  But when I have more cash, or the next time B asks me about what I want for a gift, Alex & Ani make everything I want in a good bangle.
For stocking stuffers, I always love some good quality candy.  These things are currently my crack cocaine.  I've tried to limit myself to 3 per day.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn't.
Seriously.  Don't even tell me that those red stripes are not enticing.  I'm not normally a white chocolate fan, but this is my one exception.  AND B doesn't like them at all, so I get the whoooooole bag to myself.

So, I already own this, but.... if you're looking for a good CD to give to a female, try Florence & the Machine's newest release, Ceremonials.  I freaking love Florence, she is just empowering and airy and haunting at the same time.  If there is anyone on your Christmas list who likes good music, get them this CD.

I SO want these for my birthday (Feb. 18 for anyone who wonders). Tom's makes these great shoes that I always like on other people, but wonder what they'd really be like on yours truly.  They're a little too hipster for me.  Until now.  Coming in Spring 2012, Tom's is debuting a line of ballet flats.  Which works for me, because I practically live in ballet flats (and flippie-flops.)  My eye is drawn to the pale pink, but I could easily see myself in the bright blue, or black with off-white toe.

And last, but most certainly not least - the Harry Potter Box DVD Set.  Films 1-8.  Expensive, but so worth it.  If someone has the foresight to gift this to me, I might take a mental health day this winter and watch every.single.one.  And the deleted scenes.  And the directors' commentary.  Thank goodness the Hunger Games trilogy is only 3, because once those films are all out I'll be asking for the same thing.

Happy Happy Holidays, friends! (If I don't get a chance to blog before then).  May your festive winter holiday of choice be filled with love and cheer.

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