Monday, May 7, 2012

I love the 90s

Our local alternative radio station, 92.9, hosts a free concert every year.  They call it Earth Fest, although its usually held about a month after Earth Day (Boston's weather in April can be rather unpredictable).

Earth Fest pretty much kicks off summer for us.  I mean, we had St. Patrick's Day in March beginning tourist season, then Marathon Monday (excuse me... Patriot's Day) when it was a scorching beach day.  But mid to late May begins our unofficial summer, especially with Memorial Day weekend just around the corner.

This year's Earth Fest has my 15-year-old self's heart yearning and burning to go.  The featured bands include Eve 6 and Third Eye Blind.

A long, long time ago I went to see those two bands at Southern CT State University in New Haven.  I went with two girls from high school, but of course since we couldn't drive, there was a parent or two with us.  Young Clare was only able to sit and watch the crowd surfing, and check out the adorbs college men from afar.  I did manage to buy an Eve 6 tank top, which I then wore underneath my father's flannel shirts.  I was a little slow to catch onto the grunge trend.

Third Eye Blind was my very, very favorite band in the first half of high school (before they got too poppy and I switched my loyalties to DMB).  In fact, Semi-Charmed Life just came onto my iPod this morning during my circuit training at the gym.  I used to bring my old school boom box into the bathroom and take bubble baths while I listened to their first CD in its entirety.  Oh, those were the days...

Now how can I maneuver myself to the very front of the stage for this show, and tell the band members how much they shaped my musical tastes?

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